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SEO Training In kukatpally Hyderabad

  • ADM Academy SEO Training is one of the leading institutes in Hyderabad kukatpally, We have designed an SEO training course in Kukatpally to provide complete knowledge of the tools, techniques, and concepts of Search Engine Optimization. The course not only provides the basic concepts of the SEO but also cares for given hand-on practice in the Company related applications and tools under the guidance of Company experts. This course ensures to provide the significant skill to trainees to maintain the top listing of the websites in the search engine. This course concentrates on the development and learning of modules that provide complete knowledge of the Company and SEO concepts. Some of the main objectives of our SEO training course in Hyderabad Kukatpally.SEO Course Overview:

    First of all, we’ll see what SEO exactly is and what kind of development we need to follow to get higher rankings inconsiderable search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It’ll be a complete overview of strategies and techniques to follow in search engine optimization.

    Basic Website designing after getting a basic idea of Search Engine Optimization our next step will know about the basic website designing & codes like HTML and CSS. We’ll learn how we can create, edit and download or upload a website using software like Adobe Dreamweaver, C-Panel.

    Google Keyword Planner In this module, we’ll kick off working with advance techniques of SEO. First of all, we’ll see how we can find the keywords searching by the people regarding our business. Before opening with the main process of SEO we must have a bunch of keywords to work with SEO Training In kukatpally Hyderabad.

    On-Page SEO;

    After Researching keywords now the time is to work with them. first of all, we need to make our website Search Engine friendly by placing our keywords on some appropriate places on our website so that the search engines can classify our website in a proper category with our targeted keywords. The process of making our site search engine friendly is called On-Page optimization.

    Off-Page SEO;

    After On-page Optimization, we’ll learn Off-page SEO. Off-Page SEO is also called link building. We need to make a strong link building profile for our website to make an authority of it, in the eyes of search engines, so that our site can achieve higher rankings. In this module, we’ll learn about back links and will see how to create high authority do-follow back links for our website.

    Google Algorithms;

    Google Algorithms are also called quality checkers of Google. Google has five major algorithms to judge the quality structure of a website. if we’re not following the quality guidelines of the giant search engine then our site may get penalized at any time. In this module, we’ll learn the quality guidelines of all major algorithms of Google and will also see how to protect our website.

    Google Webmaster Tools;

    Google Webmaster Tool is a free tool from the house of Google that can help us submitting our website to Google for indexation and we can also track the performance of it in Google search. With the help of this tool we can track many things like how many clicks we’re capturing on our targeted keywords and what is the position of our website in Google search results. we must know this tool if need to SEO our website.

    Google Analytics Tool;

    A new free tool from the house of Google. Google Analytics Tool is very important in SEO. This tool can help us to track our visitors. We can track how many visitors our site is getting on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and where those visitors are coming from. This tool is efficient to track real-time as well as offline visitors of our website. In this module, we’ll see how to sign-up an account with Google Analytics and how to work with it.

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